Carpet Cleaning


Regular carpet cleaning from Cleaning-4-You results in well-maintained carpets and fabrics. Your home will see a reduction in allergens, dirt and dust – a healthier environment for you and your loved ones and pets.

Cleaning-4-You uses industry approved cleaning solutions which deodorise your carpets and fabrics as they clean. Our cleaning products leaves behind no soapy residue which can accelerate carpet re-soiling, they are safe for wool and manmade carpet fibres and no shrinkage is guaranteed. We use fast drying solutions so that most carpets are dry in 2 – 4 hours, significantly reducing the risk of mould, bacteria and mildew growth. We also provide spot cleaning services to remove awkward stains such as wine for example.

Our cleaning consists of a 4 stage process; a process that is not carried out by all our competitors.
1. Deoderiser – deoderant is applied to neutralise odour smells
2. Detergent – non-toxic cleaning detergent is applied
3. Agitation – detergent is agitated in to assist in removing dirt found at the base of the carpet
4. Extraction – detergent is extracted using a twin-vacuum extractor in order to minimise drying time

In addition, upon request, we can apply insecticide around the edges of carpet to reduce the risk of moth infestation. Ask the technician about this service.

1 bedroom house or flat from £100
2 bedroom house or flat from £110
3 bedroom house from             £120
4 bedroom house from             £130

From as little as £30.00, keep that freshly cleaned look for longer with the application of Protect Nano, the latest in fibre and fabric protection. This protection does not alter the feel of the carpet fibre, but does provide protection from dry soils and water/oil based spills. Your carpets will Stay Cleaner Longer!

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